Masterclass in Programming - C, C++ and Python

In this course, we will cover 3 primary programming languages that will accelerate your programming journey. We will first cover the basic programming concepts and learn ‘C’ programming. This will be followed by a journey through Object-Oriented Programming using C++, which will lay the foundation to OOP principles like abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism etc. Your understanding of the ‘C’ and ‘C++’ programming will then be used to walk-through how to program in Python, and use some of the Python libraries.

The highlight of the course is the side-by-side explanation of 3 major programming languages that will help you understand how to navigate your understanding, when learning new programming languages.

You will improve your programming skills by implementing small projects in each of the languages. This will help you understand the unique capabilities of each programming language.

Course details

Python Language Programming entails 25 hrs online, 20 hrs self learning and 10 hr Project. 16 weeks, 3 times a week, cost 12000 or $170 or Rs 800 per week, $11 per week.

Language Topic
Hour # C Programming Fundamentals of Computers - Binary Number, arithmetic, addressing, programs etc
1 How to Prepare for your program
2 DataTypes of C
3 Operators of C
4 Structure of a C Program
5 Compiler Directives
6 Library Functions in 'C'
7 Using the Debugger Tool
8 Storage Classes in 'C'
9 Flow Control with Branch statements
10 Flow Control with Loops
11 Using Arrays in 'C'
12 User Defined Types with Structures and Unions
13 Understanding Pointers and Indirect Memory Access
14 Working with Strings
15 Working with Files
16 Dynamic Memory Allocation
17 C++ Programming Overview of Object Oriented Programming
18 Understanding Abstraction
19 Encapsulation in C++
20 Understanding Classes & Objects
21 Working with a Class in C++
22 Class Inheritance, Function Overriding & Overloading
23 Operator Overloading
24 Using Pointers in C++ & the this pointer
25 Memory Handling in C
26 Polymorphism, Function Overiding, Virtual Functions in C++
27 Exception Handling in C++
28 Python Python Data Types & Operators
29 Setting up the Programming Environment
30 Simple Programs in Python
31 Lists & Dictionaries
32 Tupules and Sets
33 Methods and Functions in Python
34 In-built functions in Python
35 Python Program Examples - Debugging
36 Object Oriented Programming in Python
37 Exceptions Handling in Python
38 Using Python Modules and Packages
39 File handling in Python
40 Data Structures in Python
41 Regular Expressions in Python
42 The NumPy library
43 Using the NumPy Library
44 Project Project