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C-Language Programming Mode: online

Total Duration 24 Hours

Project Duration 10 Hours

'C' - language is the ideal language to learn about the theory and practice of how to become a great programmer. Our guided course will expose you to good programming practices, tools and resources to build a strong foundation.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with C++ Mode: online

Total Duration 20 Hours

Project Duration 10 Hours

Object Oriented Programming is used to create modern applications by mimicking entities in the real-world. This course will explain OOP's principles like abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. C++ is used to demonstrate how each of these concepts are implemented. 

Introduction to Python Programming Mode: online

Total Duration 24 Hours

Project Duration 10 Hours

Python is one of the most popular programming languages today. It is used primarily in Data Science and Machine Learning applications. The easy availability of ready-made libraries are key to the popularity of Python. Our course will teach you the basics of Python and how to use libraries to build simple Machine Learning models.

Masterclass in Programming - C, C++ and Python Mode: online

Total Duration 45 Hours

Project Duration 20 Hours

The 'Masterclass in Programming' is an immersive program, that introduces C, C++ and Python in one course. You will learn programming concepts from the basics to an advanced level and how it is implemented in 3 different languages. This course will build a deep understanding of programming and enable you to learn any programming language on your own.

Why choose Elite-IT?

Highly Experienced Faculty

At Elite-IT, our faculty is highly skilled and experienced. They understand industry needs, both current and future and prepare our students for careers of the future

Long term engagement

We will continue to stay engaged with you, answering your queries and provide support to your IT-career as per your needs

Four Pronged Approach

A. Video's to understand and revise key programming concepts
B. Well-written books with Examples to explain each concepts in-depth
C. Guided courses with experience faculty to provide interactive coaching
D. Assisted code challenges to provide hands-on experience in programming and development tools


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In the ever-competitive world, many students report that their educational experience has not prepared them sufficiently for the real world. Industry experts agree, that companies need to spend a significant amount of time and resources to train freshers recruited from colleges.

Gain a competitive edge with a solid understanding of programming and extensive practices on hand-on projects. Get productive instantly on your first job.

Is IT Training right for you?

Are you getting the right training on IT? Most courses focus on theoretical training often due to a lack of industry experienced trainers.

Our trainers have decades of experience in the IT-industry, having developed and maintained applications for global customers. They understand what the industry needs, having mentored large teams in their careers.

Get a head-start in your career with us - Elite IT Academy.

Learn with us, we will help you build a strong foundation in programming. You will learn the basic skills and the latest development technologies and tools. With a focus on understanding of core programming activities like program design, data structures, and algorithms.

You will also understand how the industry develops large and complex applications using collaboration tools through the entire development lifecycle. You will follow the process and use these tools in our coding challenges.

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You can stay engaged with us, as we release new coding challenges. We will assist you in your university and professional assignments, and collaborate with you in making them a success.

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